Today's PUF

February's PUF Says Aloha

Spent Thanksgiving week in Hawaii. Plus a couple of days of the week after. Four of the days with either Hawaiian Electric or the Hawaii Public Utility Commission. Or both in the case of that sunny Tuesday, spending the morning with the utility and the afternoon with the Commission.

Though the beaches and waterfalls and forests of Maui were stunning, and though the food on all three islands we visited was spectacular, I have to say that our time with the good people of the utility and the regulator was the highlight. Yes, I know. That says it all about me, but hey.

Mickey M. vs. Energy Efficiency

Disneyland won’t be the biggest attraction in town, in Anaheim, on February 17 to 20. Nope. It’ll be the thirtieth annual conference of the Association of Energy Services Professionals over at the Anaheim Marriott. A thousand or so from our industry — our industry’s top experts in energy efficiency — will be gathered there to celebrate what increased end-use efficiency has accomplished in the last three decades and to plan the next strides of the next decades.