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AMI to IoT

Lesson in Change

Darren Highfill and Brad Bauch

In today’s Internet of Things, businesses face a strikingly similar picture to what utilities saw in the early days of the smart grid. Consider what those lessons have in store for us today.

Future Service-Oriented Utility

What is value of going digital?

Arun Mani and Stephanie Gainger

We see the potential for a large pot of value for utilities, sitting in clouds of smart meter data.

Leveraging Gas Smart Meter Technology to Improve Energy Choice

Step forward to match supplier delivery, customer usage

Michael McShane

Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. headed towards setting an industry standard as it implements smart-meter-driven delivery forecasting to match supplier delivery and customer usage.

Efficiency on Display

Texas program succeeds, but faces sunset.

Wannie Park

A program in Texas is helping low-income customers benefit from energy savings devices that connect to the smart meter like in-home energy monitors and smart thermostats.

Smart Grid Isn't Dead

Some may wince at the term, but let’s not run away.

Patty Durand

Anti-smart meter activists may be gaining some traction, while those with a stake in educating and engaging consumers over smart grid have not.

Getting Smart about the Integrated Grid

In New York it’s where we’re staking our energy future.

Gil C. Quiniones

Disruptive technologies such as microgrids and battery storage devices are commendable but they are supporting actors and must still work with the centralized grid.

Distribution Optimization: Ready for Takeoff

Part 1: How markets today are out of sync.

Sonia Aggarwal and Robbie Orvis

The time has come to consider options for optimizing distributed energy resources, with the intent of supporting a least-cost, reliable, and clean system that delivers more choice and control for customers.

Why is Electricity Use No Longer Growing?

Steven Nadel and Rachel Young

Demand growth has been declining steadily now for some 50 years. But why: Price? Self Generation? The Great Recession?

Social Intelligence

Harnessing the true power of social media.

John Kunasek and Rilck Noel

Customers expect their utilities to communicate as well as other service providers. This shouldn’t be considered a burden, but an opportunity.

Toward a 21st Century Grid

Producing value with advanced distribution management systems.

Nicholas Abi-Samra, et al.

Changing demands from regulators, customers, and shareholders are driving utilities toward better operational technologies to manage an increasingly complex grid. Advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) promise nearly real-time operational insight for maintaining reliability, safety, and security.