Storms, Rates, Insurance

Entire Economy Pays Price

This past year three hurricanes affected an area which encompassed about eight percent of the U.S. population. According to an article by Joel Achenbach in The Washington Post, dated November 19, 2017, “Disaster claims soar in year of calamities: Federal resources stretched as applications for aid rise tenfold,” these three storms contributed to a year of “record setting disasters.”

4.7 million Americans registered for FEMA aid compared to four hundred eighty thousand in 2016, and an average of a hundred and eighty thousand for the previous three years.

Peek at 2018

Great Year for Energy and Environment

There’s a premium on predictions, but the exception could be energy priorities in 2018.

Energy Law Leader

Global Trends Are Game Changers

Clint Vince, Chair, Energy Sector, Dentons US on cyber threats, climate change, cyclones and competition.

Newton's Third Law

Policies Trigger State Actions, Reactions

The Clean Power Plan should be replaced with a legally defensible, common-sense rule based on inside-the-fence measures.

Natural Gas Under Siege

Research And Development Is Key

Environmental groups have become increasingly vocal in their opposition to natural gas. They see natural gas as a barrier to achieving climate change targets. In the minds of some observers, they are emulating the Tonya Harding approach to energy.