Whale Tale

Transitions are Complex Affairs

It’s tempting to idealize how market forces shape the outcome of energy transitions. The truth is that many factors affect what happens and how fast. Notably, government policies play a greater role in shaping energy than most care to admit.

The Lincoln Leader

Leadership Lyceum Podcast: A Conversation with WEC Energy Group President and CEO Allen Leverett

Allen Leverett was appointed President and CEO of WEC Energy Group in May 2016. As one of the youngest CEOs of investor-owned utilities, Leverett brings verve to industry leadership, but also a deep respect for the past. WEC Energy Group is one of the nation's premier energy companies, serving 4.4 million customers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota.

Energy People: Arshad Mansoor

We talked with Arshad Mansoor, Senior Vice President, Research and Development for the Electric Power Research Institute

Arshad Mansoor is responsible for EPRI's portfolio of R&D and demonstration programs. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and is a member of the board of The Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) at UNC Charlotte.

Energy People: Rob Powelson

We talked with NARUC President, Commissioner Rob Powelson

Commissioner Powelson was installed as the 128th president of NARUC in November 2016.

Nuclear Power as A Carbon Reduction Strategy

Low Carbon, not Always Low Cost

Consider the current U.S. low power price environment as the country shifts away from coal and toward cleaner energy sources to reduce carbon emissions. What are the prospects that nuclear energy will continue to play a role in the U.S. power mix? That's the question that Michael Haggarty addressed in a recent report on global nuclear power generation.

Vegas Energy, Baby

Las Vegas, model of energy efficiency

Having worked in Nevada for many years, I can assure you that Las Vegas is nothing if not mythical. Let’s break down some of those myths as they pertain to energy usage.

Frequency Control and ACE

Someone Else’s Problem Field

Thirty to forty percent renewable targets are inadequate to halt our steady descent into climate change and ocean acidification. It will require renewable levels of 80 to 90 percent, and international cooperation.

Energy People: Adam Sieminski

We talked with Adam Sieminski, Administrator at the Energy Information Administration

Adam Sieminski became the eighth administrator of the EIA in 2012. While awaiting confirmation as EIA administrator, Sieminski served as senior director for energy and environment on the staff of the National Security Council.

Nuclear Energy: Tastes like Chicken

Combo platter, nuclear and renewables, best deal on the menu

In a world where carbon dioxide has become somehow toxic, carbon-free energy sources are sought after all over the world. Nuclear energy is the other white meat, so to speak. Renewable nuclear energy, which can be recycled, has great value and should be encouraged. Here are five things policy makers can do to enhance the taste of nuclear energy.

Reshaping Energy

Transition to Renewables Minimizing Societal Cost

Implementation of renewables is much more complex than simply replacing fossil fuel plants with renewables. We must transition to renewables. But let's make sure we transition to the package that minimizes total societal cost.