We're Still Competing

Perspectives on Competition from Regulation Veteran

FERC should make staying the course on competition in Order 1000 a priority.

A Regulatory Life

President, NARUC Commissioners Emeritus

For a merger to be successful, you must have a story to tell; the merger must make sense for the ratepayer; and the two companies must mesh with one another.

Reading the Tea Leaves

Clues from DOE report

The recent DOE report gives FERC leadership plenty to consider, and FERC has no shortage of tools at its disposal should it decide to act.

Sheila Hollis: Energy Law Career

Partner/chair of the DC office of Duane Morris LLP

She was the first director of FERC's Office of Enforcement, establishing the office and its policies and procedures.

Just Two FERC Commissioners

We sat down with chair Cheryl LaFleur and commissioner Colette Honorable as their extraordinary time as the only members of the FERC continues.

Since early February 2017, FERC has faced an unprecedented freeze of certain major agenda items when one of its three remaining commissioners resigned, leaving just two. The agency usually has five commissioners, and typically needs a quorum of at least three to approve certain projects. FERC has never been in a situation in which it had just two commissioners until this year.

FERC, Renewables and Potatoes

Hidden Costs of Externalities

We continue to rush towards a renewable future without considering overall system design, the costs that various renewable scenarios impose on grid operation, and the operation of the grid with these scenarios. When the externalities of climate change and ocean acidification create an overwhelming mandate to move away from fossil fuels, we have no choice but to go forward. Shouldn't we try to pick the cheapest path?