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This podcast series focuses on corporate and industry strategy and trends from the direct vantage point of key industry leaders. Subscribe to the podcast at Apple iTunes. Interviews with Tom Fanning and Bob Flexon are available, as well as one with Joe Rigby, Bob Skaggs and Les Silverman.

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Public Utilities Reports

PUR Guide Fully Updated Version

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PUR Guide

This comprehensive self-study certification course is designed to teach the novice or pro everything they need to understand and succeed in every phase of the public utilities business.

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Transactive Energy


This book is about applying fundamental business concepts to move our electric power markets to a new paradigm. The heart of the new paradigm is the use of forward and spot transactions to manage risk, and guide investment and operating decisions. Our current business model is regulated cost-of-service and centralized resource optimization. This century-old centralized system is rapidly moving to a decentralized energy ecosystem. The evolution is driven by technology and the need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels.

The A to Z of Public Utility Regulation


The A to Z of Public Utility Regulation provides information on topics of concern to utility regulators and the companies that they regulate. A perfect fit for new engineers, lawyers, accountants, and financial analysts, it will also be useful to experienced industry practitioners.

Market Power and Market Manipulation in Energy Markets

Market Power and Market Manipulation
Market Power and Market Manipulation in Energy Markets:
From the California Crisis to the Present

Fundamentals of Energy Regulation, 2nd Edition


See a review of Fundamentals of Energy Regulation 2nd Edition as published in the Energy Law Journal here. © Energy Law Journal  

Topics covered include:

Principles of Public Utility Rates


Since 1961, Principles of Public Utility Rates has laid the foundation of public utility pricing theories, policies and the economic concepts supporting rate designs. This book continues to be the cornerstone reference for everyone involved in analyzing what constitutes fair and reasonable utility rates.

Copyright © 1988

Energy Services Outsourcing: Opportunities And Challenges


In Energy Services Outsourcing: Opportunities and Challenges, two seasoned industry professionals take an in-depth look at this source of new products for utility and energy companies.

Although most ESO applications today focus on energy delivery and energy management, the potential for services ranges from a limited IT project to a complex internal communications network to a "virtual" company with all energy-related infrastructure outsourced.

The New Telecommunications Industry


The most comprehensive, updated reference available in the bold, new world of telecommunications in ONE, time saving source that you'll refer to over and over again. With practical and useful information, this invaluable guide to the history, organization, financing, and technology of this complicated industry is a MUST for the telecom veterans and newcomers alike.

AVAILABILITY: Limited Quantities Available! This title usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks.

Copyright © 1997

Energy Risk Management: A Primer for the Utility Industry


Energy Risk Management presents a clear, concise introduction to the basics of risk assessment, from identification to evaluation to management of risk. This book also addresses the needs of managers and boards, giving readers an understanding of the risks energy companies and utilities face, and how to manage those risks.

America's Electric Utilities: Past, Present, and Future -- 8th Edition


The electric industry's most referenced title for more than twenty years… now in its 8th edition.

In this new edition, renowned author and industry analyst, Leonard Hyman, explains the basics and provided valuable insights into the future of the electric market. Get a clear and concise review of industry fundamentals including: accounting, engineering, economics, finance, law, operations, and risk management.

Going Green and Getting Regulation Right: A Primer on Energy Efficiency


Going Green and Getting Regulation Right: A Primer on Energy Efficiency responds to the rising interest in energy efficiency and demand-side management programs by exploring the important lessons that can be learned from earlier mandated conservation efforts and will be a valuable resource for regulators, utilities, intervenors and other policy makers.