DTE to Implement New Power Supply Cost Recovery (PSCR) Rate Plan

In authorizing Detroit Edison Company, now operating as DTE Electric Company, to implement a new power supply cost recovery (PSCR) rate plan, the Michigan Public Service Commission (PSC) declined a request that it declare it unlikely that it would allow full recovery in the future of the utility’s requested PSCR costs due to the company’s continued operation of its aging coal plants. Instead, the commission endorsed the company’s continued participation in a so-called “reduced fuel emission” (REF) project with a corporate affiliate. Under the REF program, the affiliated fuel companies will treat the coal with REF adder and then resell the treated coal to DTE for immediate consumption. (Case No. U-16892, Mich.P.S.C.) For more analysis, subscribe to URN. http://www.fortnightly.com/utility-regulatory-news-0