Georgia Sets Rules on Price-cap Requests

Fortnightly Magazine - July 15 1995

The Georgia Public Service Commission has completed the first step required to implement the state's Telecommunications and Competition Development Act of 1995 (which mandates changes in telephone regulation) by issuing rules for local exchange carriers seeking to abandon traditional rate regulation in favor of alternative performance-based rate plans, including price caps. It issued separate filing requirements to obtain certificates for competitive local exchange service (also permitted under the new state law). Local carriers must also describe their "baseline commitment" to infrastructure investment under the alternative regulation plan. Re Interim Filing Require. for Alternative Reg., Dkt. No. 5777-U, May 16, 1995 (Ga.P.S.C.); Re Interim Filing Require. for New Telecom. Certificates, Dkt. No. 5778-U, May 16, 1995 (Ga.P.S.C.).


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