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Fortnightly Magazine - June 15 2000

Electric Industry CEOs Forum: Five Chiefs and Their Chosen Paths to Growth

John E. Bryson: Chairman, president, and CEO of Edison International
Richard Stavros

"If the electric market is growing here at 3 percent, ... around the world ... the growth rates can be double and as much as triple that level."

Mergers and the Public Interest: Saving the Savings for the Poorest Customers

Roger Colton, Karen Brown, and Jeff Ackermann


How Colorado's settlement in the Xcel merger builds a case for treating needy ratepayers as a separate class entitled to merger benefits.


Bruce W. Radford


ISO Meltdown?

Some wanted to shut down New York's power markets. Then cooler heads prevailed.


Christopher Seiple

News Digest

Electric Reliability
Case No. 2000-095, May 15, 2000 (Ky.P.S.C.).

News Digest


NIMBY: Now More Than Ever
James L. Creighton, Ph.D.

News Analysis

Entergy's Original Bid
Dan Donoghue and David Haarmeyer

News Analysis


NYPA's Nuke Auction: More at Stake Than Price?


Off Peak

Federal Register