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Fortnightly Magazine - July 1 2000

Powerline Telecommunications: Mission Impossible?

PLT: History of Developments and Debacles
Richard Stavros


PLT could allow energy companies to provide Internet, voice, and data via the grid, but technological hurdles and fierce competition remain obstacles.

Pricing Reform for the Local Disco: Setting Rates That Will Support Distributed Generation

The Proposed Distribution Tariff
Shimon Awerbuch, Ph.D.


How to replace the bundled utility tariff with a rational design for access, throughput, and congestion.

Redundant Restructuring: How the Dual-Retailer Model Makes Electric Markets Too Complex

Patrick O'Rourke


A call for utilities to leave the marketing business.

Many of us on the front lines can identify with Stanley Klein's observation that, in terms of its implementation, the restructuring of the electric power industry is "fundamentally an information technology event."1


Bruce W. Radford


T+D Out, G+D In

Why not keep the power plants and sell off transmission instead?


Has the electric industry got lawmakers in its back pocket, or are charges of bias just smoke?


News Analysis

But the governor gets burned in the fallout.
Lori A. Burkhart

News Analysis


Questar Gets Its Way in Utah


Off Peak

Should PUCs teach customers that the market doesn't want them?

Off Peak

July 1, 2000

Managed Expectations

By Regina R. Johnson

Should PUCs teach customers that the market doesn't want them?

You know the flight of suppliers from a deregulated market is having an impact when surviving marketers issue press releases to let customers know they're still in the game.