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Fortnightly Magazine - August 2000

News Digest

Docket Nos. EL00-46-000 et al., 91 FERC ¶61,276, June 14, 2000.

News Digest



Competition that causes gas transport facilities to be duplicated is ineffective, argues a reader.


Off Peak

What the digital signature law left unresolved could impede energy marketers' plans for widespread electronic signups.

Off Peak

August 2000

E-Sign: Messier Than Ink?

By Regina R. Johnson

EPA's Emissions Rule: Reliability at Stake?

SIP Call in a Nutshell
Richard Stavros


Some fear NOx controls will spawn outages and higher power prices.

Utility executives say the EPA's plan to reduce ground-level ozone in the nation's eastern half by controlling emissions of nitrogen oxides in upwind states could undermine electric reliability and force power prices higher.

The Next Killer App: Load Management, Only This Time for Real

Tomorrow's Network: A Two-Way Street

William M. Smith


The technology is here. What's missing is the will to use it.

Energy Retailing: Setting a Standard Offer for Every Season

Sending Price Signals, Without Illegal Tying
Chris King


For deregulation to work, consumers must see the real price-- including all utility costs.

The Standard Offer: State-by-State Evolution

Massachusetts: Moving to Market Prices
Paul Gromer


A look at the various approaches regulators have taken to pricing energy in competitive markets, and how some are rethinking those plans.


Beware the transmission operator that is truly "independent."
Bruce W. Radford


Price Cap Follies