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Fortnightly Magazine - February 1 2001

Surviving and Thriving in the RTO Revolution

How to design tariffs to improve reliability and attract merchant generation.
Rajat K. Deb, Lie-long Hsue, Alex Ornatsky, and Jason E. Christian

1 A representation of a generic interconnection, with thermal, hydro, and nuclear generation sharing a grid with a winter peaking load.

2 , 93 FERC 61,294, Dec. 15, 2000.

3 For a survey of methods, see J.W. Marangon Lima "Allocation of Transmission Fixed Charges: An Overview,", Vol. 11, No. 3, 1996.

Distributed Generation: Doomed by Deployment Details?

The industry makes strides, but messy issues like air quality and building codes could be showstoppers.
Carl J. Levesque


Service to the 9's? Power Quality in a Tech-Wreck World

Why it's just as important for the old economy.
Bruce W. Radford


Why it's just as important for the old economy.

Mention "power quality" and the mind conjures up visions of tech hotels stuffed with Internet servers running 24/7, retrofitted into inner city industrial warehouses-buildings sturdy enough to forgive the heavy installation of custom power supply equipment and racks of batteries. Or perhaps Silicon Valley.

Compassionate Competition?

With its own private power grid, Texas thinks it's got restructuring licked.

Bruce W. Radford

With its own private power grid, Texas thinks it's got restructuring licked.


Jeffrey K. Skilling

News Digest

Dynegy's David Francis, vice president for western power trading, testified on Dec. 21 on why he thought the ISO was bending the rules:
Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Bd. v. Kansas Corp. Comm'n, Nos. 85,750 et al., Dec. 15, 2000 (Kan.App.)


News Digest


News Digest

Dynegy says California ISO grants sweetheart deals to out-of-state plants.
Bruce W. Radford


News Analysis

When California cries "wolf," will its neighbors cower like sheep?
Robert McCullough

1 ISO terminology is complex and often misleading. A Stage 1 emergency occurs when the ISO does not meet its own reserve criteria. Stage 2 occurs when it cannot meet a 5 percent reserve margin. A Stage 3 takes place when it cannot meet at 1.5 percent reserve margin. An ISO emergency can take place even when local resources are available-so long as they have not been bid into its daily reserve purchasing.

Off Peak

California Sen. Steve Peace says it wasn't him, and he has the video to prove it.

Off Peak

February 1, 2001

Who Lost Deregulation?