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Fortnightly Magazine - April 15 2001


How to price energy during a stage 3 alert?
Bruce W. Radford


Très Riches Heures


How to price energy during a stage 3 alert?

You know the painting. Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. You probably saw it first in Janson's "History of Art", in a college survey course.


Christopher D. Seiple and Mike Farina


News Digest

Docket No. EL01-47-000, Mar. 14, 2001 (F.E.R.C.).-L.A.B


News Digest



I wanted deregulation. But not if we can't do it right.
Ken Costello

I wanted deregulation. But not if we can't do it right.

As an economist, I confess I failed to predict the disaster in California. But I wasn't the only one. Anybody who tells you differently is either lying, fooling himself, or guilty of Monday morning quarterbacking.

News Analysis

Last Three states slow down the rush toward electricity competition.
Courtney Barry

Brazil, Mexico Vie for Merchant Plant Dollars

One is closer, and the other hotter, but each banks on market reform to attract U.S. and European investors.
Charles W. Thurston


LNG Makes a Comeback

After two dormant decades, the gas that travels in liquid form draws renewed interest, spurred by demand, shortage, and technology.
Carl J. Levesque


Assuring Enough Generation: Whose Job and How to Do It

A California failed to fashion proper incentives. Now others may repeat that mistake.
Laurence D. Kirsch & Rajesh Rajaraman

1 "Load-serving entities" are firms that serve retail electricity customers. These firms include utilities and power marketers.

2 See L.D. Kirsch, "ISO Economics: How California Flubbed It on Transmission Pricing", Public Utilities Fortnightly, Oct. 15, 1998, p. 24.

3 See J.E. Bowring and R.E. Gramlich, "The Role of Capacity Obligations in a Restructured Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Electricity Market", Electricity Journal, November 2000, pp. 57-67.