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Fortnightly Magazine - December 2001

Off Peak

Dynegy is hungry for your attention.
William Mahoney

Off Peak

December 2001

Please Pass the Potatoes


Dynegy is hungry for your attention.

Dynegy's Chuck Watson never had much of an appetite for seeing his company's name in lights.

The Rules of the Grid: Transmission Policy and Motives Gehind It

Making sense of RTO Week, the mediation talks, and FERC's promised new rulemaking.
Bruce W. Radford


Making sense of RTO Week, the mediation talks, and FERC's promised new rulemaking.

Dynegy's senior vice president Peter Esposito didn't think much about the celebrated mediation talks on forming a single, unified transmission grid for the Northeast U.S.

Return on Equity: How Regulators Doled Out The Dollars

Results of the annual Survey of Energy Utility Rate Proceedings.

Phillip S. Cross

(December, 2001) The results of our annual survey of authorized rates of return on common equity for state-regulated energy utilities show a continued reliance on traditional cost-of-service ratemaking in many states. At the same time the results also show that rate case filings do not dominate the field of economic regulation the way they might have in times of higher rates of inflation and prior to the advent of price cap regulation and market restructuring programs.

The High-Stakes Storage Gamble

AGA decision to shut in storage survey rattles energy markets.
Mark Hand



Energy companies' best-laid plans in 2001 were put on hold, after circumstance and fate stepped in.
Richard Stavros


The Year of Living Dangerously


William W. Hogan


When we build transmission and spread the costs, we lose the market signal of the real cost of power.
William W. Hogan