Fortnightly Magazine - April 15 2002

Three-Legged Stool

The smart money now treats transmission as a player. Just like generation. Just like load.

Over at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, new chairman Pat Wood has let it be known if he had been in charge, he would have postponed Order 2000.

Locational Marginal Pricing

How PJM turns redispatch into market signals.

Figures 1 and 2 show an example of locational marginal pricing (LMP) presented by PJM at a FERC meeting held Jan. 22.

FERC's New Move: A Single Tariff

Finding that "market design flaws are visible in every regional electric market today," FERC released its working paper on standardized transmission service and wholesale electric design on March 15. The work in progress outlines key principles and policy decisions on standard market design (SMD) to guide FERC in developing a revised open access transmission tariff (OATT).

M&A 2002: The Need for Strategic Clarity

What type of merger strategy should energy companies pursue in light of new industry uncertainties?

Learn about the nature of mergers and acquisitions expected within the natural gas, power, and energy utility sector.