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Fortnightly Magazine - July 15 2002

Collateral Damage

Credit ratings agencies put the squeeze on merchant power.

Have they gone too far? Have ratings agencies become overzealous in their efforts to rein in energy merchants? Many in the industry are coming to that belief after Aquila, one of the industry's most respected companies and leaders, announced it would exit the merchant energy trading sector in late July. It said it could no longer meet the credit requirements imposed by ratings agencies to maintain that business.


Independent transmission companies have a role in creating public benefit in wholesale competitive electricity markets.
Audrey Zibelman


Terence A. Burke

Allegheny Energy announced the election of two vice presidents. , vice president for corporate development, became vice president of Allegheny Energy Inc. , deputy general counsel, became a vice president of Allegheny Energy Service Corp. Dailey joined the company in 1991, and Burke joined in 1999.


Will Dailey is a senior consultant with Platts Research & Consulting.



Late for dinner? Blame Enron. Go ahead. It may seem unfair to blame another for something you did wrong, but the post-Enron political climate makes it easy to do. California politicians already are hip to this strategy. But, blaming all of California's woes on Enron is less than politically honest and may have far-reaching effects on power markets.


Seven recommendations to improve TMI's nuclear plant security that have gone unheeded.
Eric Joseph Epstein

Off Peak

The Fortnightly guide to round-trip trading.

Off Peak

July 15, 2002

Retail Choice Rides Again: A Mixed Market in The Lone Star State

Texas wins raves from the big players for its rules and systems, but the small consumer, as in other states, sees little reason to switch.
Mark Hand is senior editor of Public Utilities Fortnightly.

Texas wins raves from the big players for its rules and systems, but the small consumer, as in other states, sees little reason to switch.

Six months into the opening of the restructured Texas electric market, industry players are generally pleased with the results, but the jury is still out, as the state's vaunted system design has shown some cracks, and consumers still see little reason to switch their energy supplier.

POLRized in Texas: A Duty Unresolved

The Texas method for assigning provider of last resort draws criticism from market players and consumer advocates.
Tom Michelman

The Barriers to Real-Time Pricing: Separating Fact From Fiction

Real-time pricing has been hindered by the misperception that a shift to RTP will create new types of risks, without creating benefits for utilities or customers.
Ahmad Faruqui and Melanie Mauldin