Fortnightly Magazine - April 2005

Utilities and BPL: Betting Against the Odds

Why broadband over power line (BPL) can't stand alone as a high-speed Internet offering.

Broadband over power line (BPL) wants to compete with cable modems and DSL for high-speed Internet customers, but BPL providers can make the technology more attractive by bundling the service with other product offerings.

Guns, Butter, or Green?

Utilities will face stark tradeoffs in meeting the next round of emissions controls.

Some utility execs gasp at the shear breadth of environmental proposals being bandied about during the past few weeks. Even the environmentalists are calling "historical" the extent to which different kinds of emissions will be regulated.

Distributed Generation: Benefit Values In Hard Numbers

In the second of three articles, Oak Ridge National Laboratory reviews the economics and financial issues related to DG.

In the second of three articles on DER, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory examines the effect of DER and combined heat and power on a large power pool.