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Exelon Orioles, Cubs, White Sox, Phillies and Nationals on pace for a 104 win season.

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The electricity for five major league baseball teams is delivered by Exelon. The Baltimore Orioles, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals. 

When all five teams are playing at home, Exelon lights a third of baseball. 

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Three other utilities deliver electricity to two teams in the majors. Con Ed delivers to the New York Mets and New York Yankees. Pacific Gas and Electric delivers to the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants. Xcel Energy delivers to the Colorado Rockies and Minnesota Twins. 

The remaining nineteen teams in the majors are served by 19 different utilities.

Saturday night's standings had Exelon's teams in first place in four of baseball's six divisions. Wow! Is there something special about its electricity? 

Only the Philadelphia Phillies aren't in first. But their quite respectable record stood at 16 wins versus 14 losses. 

Overall, the five Exelon teams have 95 wins versus just 53 losses. The combined winning percentage is 0.642. 

Exelon baseball is on pace for a 104 win season.

Only seven other utilities have, thus far, a winning record (more wins than losses). They're the NextEra Marlins, Eversource Red Sox, AEP Rangers, First Energy Indians, Duquesne Light Pirates, Kansas City Power & Light Royals, and Ameren Cardinals.

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