Utilities Name Game: May 2016 Crossword Puzzle Aanswers


Spoiler alert! Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle, Utilities Name Game, on page 71 of the May 2016 issue.

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2. U of Wisconsin utility: mge

5. Brits in the northeast: nationalgrid

7. Hollywood public power: ladwp 

12. Cajun country: cleco 

13. Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, now DC: exelon 

16. South of California: sce 

17. Steelers and Pirates: duquesne 

19. _ _ are family, with cheese: we 

20. Topeka and Wichita: westar 

24. 5 down: nypa 

26. Palm trees and coconuts: hawaiian 

27. PPL spinoff: talen 

28. Motor City: dte 

30. Florida utility and wind all over: nextera 

33. Silicon Valley power: paloalto 

39. Cutest utility name, in Dakotas and Minnesota: ottertail 



1. Missouri and Illinois: ameren 

3. Jersey boys: pseg 

4. Washington out west: avista 

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5. Empire State public power: nypa 

6. Just bought by Emera: teco 

7. Kentucky sub of PPL: lge

8. Indiana, Carolinas, etc.: duke 

9. Most customers: pge 

10. CEO interviewed in April issue: ppl 

11. Big Apple: coned 

12. Poughkeepsie: chge 

14. Starts with an x: xcel 

15. Middle South Utilities: entergy 

16. Far south of California: sdge 

18. Tiny in Keystone State: ugi 

21. Building nuclear and coal with sequestration: southern 

22. America's team: aep 

23. Mexico on our side of the wall: psnm 

24. Warren Buffet's bet: nv 

25. Wisconsin and Iowa: alliant 

29. Going to Kansas City, ... : kcpl 

31. West Texas: elpaso 

32. New Deal utility: tva 

34. Dayton, Indianapolis: aes 

35. Okie: oge 

36. Transmission bought by Fortis: itc 

37. Cheese-head transmission: atc 

37. Minnesota elite: allete 


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Each month's issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly has a crossword puzzle. The May issue's was called Utilities Name Game, with the answers above. 

The upcoming June issue's is called Powerful Names. Last month, the April issue's was Clean Power Puzzle.

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