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Flaherty, Fama, Hyman, Kirsch, Morey, Jensen, Hemphill, Patterson, Reiter, and also Orson Welles and Pete Townshend.

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Tom Flaherty, top expert on utility mergers, on the dramatic consolidation that’s taken place and still coming. In your June issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly. Must-read.

Jim Fama, industry leader on cybersecurity. His thoughts on his last day as Edison Electric Institute vice president for transmission and distribution, with a very active retirement ahead. Also in the June issue, also must-read. 

Len Hyman, star from the utility financial community. On how electricity deregulation in the U.K. was a dud, and how that should inform our side of the pond. Also in June, again, must-read.

Recharge the Economy with Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Then there’s respected economists Laurence Kirsch and Matt Morey giving a report card on retail choice. And ComEd senior vice president Val Jensen, with sidekick Ross Hemphill, on Illinois’ formula rate revolution. 

And Delia Patterson, the American Public Power Association’s general counsel, with eminent lawyer Harvey Reiter, likening FERC’s efforts to refine capacity markets to whack-a-mole. All in the June issue, all must-read.

Your June issue is a veritable graduate school semester on today’s most pressing utility regulation and policy issues and arguments. 

Ninety-two pages! Twenty articles by twenty-four authors! 


Plus, there’s my finalized list of the ten most influential in utilities since 1990, after the hundreds of suggestions from you all. Who made the top ten? What’s my ordering from first to tenth?

And we haven’t even mentioned the funny cartoons, crossword puzzle, historical perspectives, columnists, engaging photography. Who says utility regulation and policy isn’t fun?

Where else can you find commentary on utility business models and power market design mixed in with who was guillotined during the French Revolution? And what Orson Welles and Pete Townshend of The Who have to do with electric utilities?

Recharge the Economy with Renewable Energy Tax Credits


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Steve Mitnick, Editor-in-Chief, Public Utilities Fortnightly

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