Fortnightly Magazine - October 2016

Getting Ready for Competition in Japan

Lessons from Abroad

A comprehensive analysis of Japanese investments in the U.S., Mexico, the U.K., and Australia. From a team expert in the fast-changing electric industry in Japan.

Texas Solar Two Step

Different Outcomes in State’s Two Distinct Markets

Texas highlights the importance of market structures and economics in the growth of solar deployment. Driven by customer interest and policy objectives, distributed and utility-scale solar has thrived in municipal and cooperative service territories. The same has not been true in the competitive wholesale market with retail choice.

Active Grid

Where Smart Energy Meets Internet of Things

Imagine what could be achieved if the current modernized grid evolved to be even more dynamic, a complete solution encompassing electricity, gas and water.

Finishing Transmission Planning Reforms

No Way to Get There Without FERC Acting Now

Ineffective interregional transmission policies, not technical or economic barriers, are the chief factors holding up the construction of new interstate transmission. This will not change without FERC intervention.

A Mindset to Mimic

What if Utilities Were Lead Like Amazon?

Reflect for a moment on the Amazon story. Yes, it’s a different type of business. But take careful note of how their leader’s mindset has shaped the outcomes.

Don't Cry for Utility Shareholders, America

Maybe Steve Huntoon Was Right

We decided to check out the numbers. Utilities earned more than the cost of capital in most years. Utility investors earned an average market return, while taking a lower than average risk.

Modernizing PURPA

Should FERC rewrite rules or let states make reforms?

Idaho has a problem with PURPA. So does North Carolina, and other states in between. Utilities have complaints too. Consider industry groups like EEI, representing investor-owned companies, NRECA, representing co-ops, and even NARUC, representing state utility regulators. Each has proposed new rules to fix PURPA, a longtime favorite of enviros. And don’t forget Berkshire Hathaway.