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PUF 2016 Index of Articles, Interviews and Columns

Fortnightly Magazine - February 2017

A hundred and ninety of us voiced our opinions on utility regulation and policy in 2016 in Public Utilities Fortnightly. From Paul Afonso to Audrey Zibelman; chief execs, commissioners and commoners debated competition, cyber, climate change and all the challenges.

Ten current or retired chief execs weighed in, in PUF: Charles Bayless, Werner Buehler, Bob Catell, Tom Fanning, Bob Flexon, Joe Rigby, Jim Rogers, Bob Skaggs, Bill Spence and Branko Terzic.

Sixteen current or retired commissioners weighed in too, in PUF: Paul Afonso, Lauren Azar, Dian Grueneich, James Hoecker, Ashley Brown, David Boonin, Charles Cicchetti, Tony Clark, Tim Echols, Joshua Epel, Terrance Fitzpatrick, Travis Kavulla, Ann McCabe, Philip O'Connor, Branko Terzic and Audrey Zibelman.

Plus, many of the most respected thought leaders of our time, in utility regulation and policy. We heard from Ralph Cavanagh, Ken Costello, Ahmad Faruqui, Tom Flaherty, William Hogan, Leonard Hyman, Michael Shellenberger, Lisa Wood and Roger Woodworth, among others.

And, many of the most respected regulatory lawyers of our time. We heard from Brendan Collins, Joel deJesus, Carmen Gentile, Delia Patterson, David Raskin, Harvey Reiter and Clint Vince, among others.

There are just too many to mention here. How about an author in July's PUF, Maria Korsnick? She recently became chief exec of the Nuclear Energy Institute. Or an author in March, May, August and September, Tom Sloan? He was reelected to the Kansas House of Representatives. How did Tom have time to campaign?

Or Jan Vrins who heads Navigant's energy practice? Or Michael Deggendorf who heads Grid Assurance? Or Ken Gerling who heads transmission projects at Burns & McDonnell? Or Val Jensen who heads customer ops at Com Ed? Or Barbara Alexander and Sheri Givens who headed consumer advocate agencies? Or Adam Sieminski who heads the Energy Information Administration?

If I've not mentioned you, my sincere apologies. We're grateful, on behalf of all PUF readers, for your contribution. There are 140 of you that I've not named here. But every author of an article, column or letter and every interviewee is listed in the PUF 2016 Index that follows.

Did you watch Robert Borlick, Ashley Brown, Charles Cicchetti, Michael Rosenzweig and John Sheik debate - with gloves off - on the letters page? And Jim Fama reflect on his remarkable career in that candid interview last June?

This year, 2017, we're off to a fast start. The January 1st, 2017 PUF featured 27 authors. We hope to feature nearly 250 voices this year. By doubling of the magazine's frequency this spring, it will be feasible to fit all of them in.

Which brings us to why PUF was founded back in 1928, and what PUF is all about today. It was and is the forum for commentary, opinion and debate on utility regulation and policy. If you express your perspective in PUF, you impact the debate.

Hence our new slogan, highlighting our mission: In PUF, Impact the Debate.

This year, we hope to expand the readership of PUF to 100,000, by transitioning from single-user licenses to site licenses. That's great. But even when our readership was 10,000, it included the senior decision-makers and policy-makers for the electric and natural gas industries.

So, help shape our industries' paths. Make your point in PUF. We and they are all reading and listening.

PUF 2016 Index of Articles, Interviews and Columns

Paul Afonso, Lauren Azar, Dian Grueneich and James Hoecker, "Preparing for the Inevitable," August's PUF

Veronica Ahern, Craig Berry, Bruce Cho, Carmen Davis, Steve Mormann, Naza Shelley, Timour Skrynnikov, interviewed, November's PUF

Jan Ahlen, "The Consumer-Centric Utility," July's PUF

Barbara Alexander, Ashley Brown and Ahmad Faruqui, "Rethinking Rationale for Net Metering," October's PUF

Massoud Amin, "Microgrids & Battery Storage," January's PUF

William Atkinson, "Utility-Scale Storage: Four Utilities, Four Strategies," January's PUF

Charles Bayless, "Reshaping Energy," September's PUF; "Frequency Control and ACE," October's PUF

Betsy Beck, "Finishing Transmission Planning Reforms," October's PUF

Michael Beehler, "Response to Huntoon Re: Big Transmission," February's PUF

Roger Bezdek, "Unsung Role of Fossil Fuels in the Miracle of U.S. Growth," August's PUF; "Essential Role of Fossil Fuels in Future Economic Growth," September's PUF

Adam Bickford and Suzanne Pletcher, "Utility Streetlight Retrofits," March's PUF

Ann Stouffer Bisconti, "Public Weighs In on Market Conditions Threatening Nuclear Power Plants," July's PUF

David Boonin, "Refocusing Rate Design Debates," November's PUF; "Effective Rate Design," December's PUF

Robert Borlick, "Order 745 - A Time Bomb for Electricity Consumers," July's PUF; "Response to Mitnick Re: Costs Fixed Depending on Timeframe," September's PUF; "Response to Cicchetti Re: Net Metering," October's PUF

Cameron Brooks, "Tale of Two Grids," May's PUF

Ashley Brown, "Response to Cicchetti/Wellinghoff Re: Net Metering," February's PUF

Jason Brown, "Technology on the Move," February's PUF

Dave Bryant, "High Performance Transmission Conductors Are Improving Grid Efficiency," June's PUF

Werner Buehler, interviewed, October's PUF

Dave Burg, Alan Conkle and Dennis Curtis, "Do Bigger Investments Yield Greater Returns on Cybersecurity?" February's PUF

Julie Cannell, "Local Financing Benefits U.S. Utilities," November's PUF

Bob Catell, interviewed, September's PUF

Craig Cavanaugh, "Challenging Common Excuses for Ignoring Grid Analytics," December's PUF

Shannon Chu, "Path Forward for Nuclear Fuel Storage," November's PUF

Charles Cicchetti, "Response to Brown Re: Net Metering," and "Order 745: Challenge to Plain Old Power Markets," April's PUF; "Residential Demand Charges are a Bad Choice," December's PUF

Tony Clark, interviewed, July's PUF

Brendan Collins, "Obligations and Opportunities: Wires Cos. Plug In to Clean Power Plan," April's PUF

Ken Costello, "New Technologies Require Regulatory Vigilance and Balance," February's PUF; "Are Utilities and Government Skimping on R&D? April's PUF; "Beware of Vertical Arrangements for Gas Procurement," June's PUF; "Good Ratemaking is Hard to Do," August's PUF; "Is Customer Activism for Real?" November's PUF

Phil Cross, "Net Metering Skirmishes in Hawaii, California, Mississippi, Nevada," February's PUF; "Fate of Conservation Mandates," March's PUF; "Illicit Marketing Practices," April's PUF; "Line Dividing Regulation and Management," June's PUF; "2016 Annual Rate Case Survey," November's PUF

Paul DeCotis, "New Regulatory Paradigm Needed Now to Support Distributed Energy Resources," March's PUF

Michael Deggendorf, "No-Regrets Approach to Enhancing Grid Resiliency," August's PUF

Joel deJesus, "New Grid Security Measures for 2016," February's PUF

Joel deJesus and Carmen Gentile, "FPA 203(a)(1)(B): A Deal is a Deal, No Matter How Small?" May's PUF

Keith Dennis, "Community Storage: Coming to a Home Near You," February's PUF

Vincent DeVito, "Energy Company's Pipe Dream," July's PUF

Joseph Donovan, "The Mobiles are FAST," August's PUF

Shawn DuBravac, "Framing Virtual Reality," April's PUF

Tim Echols, "Nuclear Energy - Tastes Like Chicken," September's PUF

Joshua Epel, James Tarpey, Nicholas Eaton and Jacob Rey, "Giving Credit Where Credit is Due," July's PUF

Jim Fama, interviewed, June's PUF

Tom Fanning, interviewed, Leadership Lyceum podcast, October's PUF

Ahmad Faruqui, "Response to King/Datta Re: Time-Varying Rates," March's PUF; "Gretchen Bakke's Meditation on the Grid," October's PUF

Alan Feibelman and Gerry Yurkevicz, "Transitioning to the Utility of the Future," September's PUF

Terrance Fitzpatrick, "The Price of Retail Electricity Competition in Pennsylvania," March's PUF

Tom Flaherty, "Lessons for Tomorrow's Deals," September's PUF; "Innovation Gains Traction with Utilities," November's PUF; "Challenge of Commercialization," December's PUF

Tom Flaherty and Owen Ward, "Expanding Deals, Shrinking Companies," June's PUF

Sam Flaim and Loren Toole, "Electricity, Economic Efficiency and Growth," April's PUF

Bob Flexon, interviewed, Leadership Lyceum podcast, November's PUF

Colin Fraser, "Rethinking How to Value Energy Savings in Smaller Businesses," April's PUF

Matt Fitch and Josh Freed, "The Middle Way," August's PUF

Daniel Gabaldon, "Is Cleantech Coming of Age?" May's PUF

Daniel Gabaldon, Matt Guarini and Jamie Wimberly, "Here Comes the Sun," July's PUF

Sean Gammons, Glenn George, Robert Southern and Willis Geffert, "Getting Ready for Competition in Japan," October's PUF

Stan Garnett, interviewed, August's PUF

Glenn George and Hans-Martin Ihle, "Success Strategies in New Japanese Electric Power Market," November's PUF

Glenn George, Hans-Martin Ihle and Miura Wataru, "Electricity Market Reform in Japan," August's PUF

Karen George, "Architecture for the Integrated Grid," December's PUF

Ken Gerling, interviewed, July's PUF

Recharge the Economy with Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Nicholas Giannasca, "Commercial DG - Case for Financeable Contracts," April's PUF

Eric Gimon and Robbie Orvis, "How Much Do Combined Cycle Natural Gas Plants Really Need to be Paid," March's PUF

Sheri Givens, "Solar Consumer Education and Protection," February's PUF; "Today's NASUCA," April's PUF

Jeffrey Goltz, "Facilitating Innovation," December's PUF

Maria Guimaraes, "A Robotic Concrete Crawler," July's PUF

John Hargrove, interviewed, July's PUF

John Hargrove, "Vegas Energy, Baby," November's PUF; "Health Benefits of Energy Efficiency," December's PUF

Bill Hederman, interviewed, October's PUF

Ross Hemphill and Ken Costello, "Regulators Can Win the Trifecta with Residential Demand Charges," July's PUF

Ross Hemphill and Val Jensen, "Illinois Approach to Regulating Distribution Utility of the Future," June's PUF

Darren Highfill and Brad Bauch, "AMI to IoT," December's PUF

Ryan Hledik and Ahmad Faruqui, "Competing Perspectives on Demand Charges," September's PUF

William Hogan, "Demand Response: Getting the Prices Right," March's PUF

Steve Huntoon, "Battery Storage: Drinking the Kool-Aid," January's PUF; "You Say You Want a REVolution," February's PUF; "Musk and Me," March's PUF; "Just Ducky," April's PUF; "The Powerwall Follies," May's PUF; "Getting Berned," June's PUF; "POPS Is Here to Stay," July's PUF; "Nice Work If You Can Get It," August's PUF; "Helter Skelter," September's PUF; "Hooking Up," November's PUF; "Ultimate Triumph of Standard Market Design," December's PUF

Leonard Hyman, "Response to Two Articles Re: Grid Resilience," October's PUF

Leonard Hyman and William Tilles, "The British Electricity Model: Twenty-Five Years of Experience," June's PUF; "Marginal Utility," July's PUF, August's PUF and September's PUF; "Don't Cry for Utility Shareholders, America," October's PUF; "Small Modular Reactors and Path Not Taken," November's PUF; "Capitalism Debates Socialism in Honolulu," December's PUF

Harjeet Johal, Ken Collison, Elliot Roseman and Dan Rogier, "Averting Disaster on the Grid," September's PUF

Andrew Kaplan, "Monetizing Energy Storage," December's PUF

K Kaufmann, "Energy Future in Ohio Corn Fields," December's PUF

K Kaufmann, John Pang, John Sterling and Chris Vlahoplus, "Postcards from Hawaii: Lessons on Grid Transformation," February's PUF

Travis Kavulla, "We, the Regulators," January's PUF

Larry Kellerman, "Reinvigorating a Century Old Business Model," April's PUF

Chris King and Bonnie Datta, "Reply to Faruqui Re: Time Varying Rates," March's PUF

Llewellyn King, "Government Works Better Pulling Rather than Pushing," February's PUF

Lawrence Kirsch and Matthew Morey, "Has Retail Choice Delivered on its Promises," June's PUF

Daniel Klein, "First Look at 2015 CO2 Emission Trends for the U.S.," May's PUF and June's PUF; "Energy Dept.'s Evolving Outlook for U.S. Power Sector," August's PUF

Maria Korsnick, "Action Needed Now to Prevent More Nuclear Plant Closures," July's PUF

Jeremiah Lambert, "Writing 'The Power Brokers,'" May's PUF

Mackinnon Lawrence and Jan Vrins, "Energy Cloud Playbook," July's PUF

Marlo Lewis, Jr., "Schneiderman Targets Peabody Energy," March's PUF

Phillip Lookadoo and Jamie Jackson, "Recent Transmission Develop Selections Based on Cost Containment: Harbinger or Anomaly?" March's PUF

Russell Lowes and Edward Mainland, "Hansen is Wrong about Nuclear Power," May's PUF

Arun Mani, "Storage: Turning Disruptive Technology into Opportunity," August's PUF

Arun Mani and Stephanie Gainger, "Future Service-Oriented Utility," October's PUF

Ann McCabe, with Orijit Ghoshal and Bill Peters, "A Formula for Grid Modernization?" May's PUF

Michael McShane, "Leveraging Gas Smart Meter Technology to Improve Customer Choice," September's PUF

Philip Mezey, "Active Grid," October's PUF

Marc Miller and Bob Gibson, "Texas Solar Two Step," October's PUF

Steve Mitnick, "Forum for Our Industry's Civil Discourse," January's PUF; "No, Edison Wouldn't Recognize Today's Electric Industry," and "Rate Structure Philosophy," February's PUF; "Electricity's Capacity Factor, a Problem?" March's PUF; "We Made Light Free," April's PUF; "Consumers Want What?" May's PUF; "Most Influential Since 1990," June's PUF; "Costs Fixed Depending on Timeframe," July's PUF; "Future Shocked," August's PUF; "Legacy and Generations," and "Challenges of Coops Converging with Other Utilities," September's PUF; "Top Twenty, and Why Financial Strength Matters," October's PUF; "The Way We Live, and Renewables," November's PUF; "Electricity's Complexity," December's PUF

Andrew Moratzka and Sara Bergan, "Community Solar: States Are Testing Designs While Driving Forward," June's PUF

David Mueller, "Geomagnetic Disturbances and the Grid," July's PUF

Michael O'Boyle and Sonia Aggarwal, "Improving Performance in Publicly Owned Utilities," March's PUF

Gary Ockwell, "Going Smart at Scale," January's PUF; "Activating the Human Grid," February's PUF

Philip O'Connor, Wayne Olson and Robert Bussa, "A Five-Point Plan for the Next Wave of Electricity Restructuring," May's PUF

Laura Olive, "Vision of Liquefied Natural Gas Hub," November's PUF

Roy Palk, "An Industry Transformed," April's PUF

Delia Patterson and Harvey Reiter, "FERC Chasing the Uncatchable," May's PUF and June's PUF

Ari Peskoe, "Ratemaking and the Campaign Against Rooftop Solar," July's PUF

Andrew Phillips, "Ti - The Transmission Line Inspection Robot," April's PUF

Suzanne Pletcher, "Benefits Add Up," November's PUF

Bruce Radford, "Going Against the Flow," February's PUF; "The Long and Short of Grid Congestion," March's PUF; "FERC v. Ohio," April's PUF; "It's a Five-Minute World," June's PUF; "Topping the $1K Cap," August's PUF; "Modernizing PURPA," October's PUF

David Raskin, "A Rose by Any Other Name: Response to 'Solar Battle Lines,'" March's PUF

Joe Rigby, Bob Skaggs and Les Silverman, interviewed, Leadership Lyceum podcast, December's PUF

Craig Roach and Vincent Musco, "Federal Versus State Jurisdiction in the Electricity Business," May's PUF

Jim Rogers, interviewed, August's PUF

Steven Rose, "Estimating Benefits of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions," August's PUF

Michael Rosenzweig, "Response to Borlick Re: Order 745," October's PUF

Nancy Ryan and Lucy McKenzie, "Utilities' Role in Transport Electrification: Promoting Competition, Balancing Risks," March's PUF and April's PUF

Ron Schoff, "Incubating the Technologies of Tomorrow," May's PUF

Chip Scott, Justin Lowe and Amanda Levin, "A Holistic Cyber Strategy," January's PUF

Michael O'Sheasy and Joshua Rogers, "Parsing Poles and Towers," January's PUF

John Sheik, "Response to Radford Re: EPSA Complaints at FERC on Ohio Contracts," May's PUF

Michael Shellenberger, "How the Environmental Movement Changed its Mind on Nuclear Power," May's PUF

Adam Sieminski, interviewed, October's PUF

John Simmins, "EPRI Explores Augmented Reality to Improve Grid Reliability," June's PUF

Tom Sloan, "Technological Innovation and Public Policy-Making," March's PUF; "Energy Policy Development - Potential New Paradigm, and a Challenge," May's PUF; "Need for New Regulatory/Business Models," August's PUF; "Legislative and Consumer Advocate Challenges," September's PUF

Bill Spence, interviewed, April's PUF

Michael Strong and Mark Pruitt, "Aggregation 2.0: Evolution of Customer Engagement with Retail Choice?" May's PUF

Branko Terzic, "What Ernie Knew!" September's PUF; "Innovation and Capital Recovery," November's PUF; "Grand Theft with Capital Recovery," December's PUF

Clint Vince, interviewed, December's PUF

Michael Volker, "Investor-Owned and Public Power Can Learn from Co-ops," September's PUF

Aliza Wasserman and Sam Cramer, "States Want to Know About Utility Biz Models," June's PUF; "Governors' Advisors' Energy Policy Institute," September's PUF

Austin Whitman, "The New Standard Offer," November's PUF

Greg Wikler, "Intersection of DER, Energy Efficiency, DR," October's PUF

Lee Williams, "Nuclear Life Extension," January's PUF

Mark Williams and Eric Korman, "FERC Revises Market-Based Rate Procedures," March's PUF

Lisa Wood, Ross Hemphill, John Howat, Ralph Cavanagh and Severin Borenstein, "Rethinking Rate Design," November's PUF

Recharge the Economy with Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Roger Woodworth, "In Search of Strategic Leaders," September's PUF; "A Mindset to Mimic," October's PUF; "Overcoming Fear of Fire," November's PUF, "Watch Your Language," December's PUF

Alex Zakupowsky, "Other Side of the Story on Tax Implications of NEM Successor Policies," June's PUF


Audrey Zibelman, interviewed, December's PUF