Dispatch Order: Industry Names We Miss


Here's our list of twenty-four.

PUF 2.0 - June 15, 2017

We miss them. Like old friends that moved on. Where are they now?

The names of utilities that, not long ago, each served hundreds of thousands or millions of homes and businesses. They built and operated hundreds of power plants. Their execs were industry leaders.

Here's our list of twenty-four. Who am I forgetting? 


Allegheny Power System 

Carolina Power and Light 

Centerior Energy 

Central and South West Corp 

Central Illinois Light Company, CILCO 

Central Illinois Public Service, CIPS

Cincinnati Gas and Electric 


Cleveland Electric Illuminating 



Florida Power

General Public Utilities, GPU 

Gulf States Utilities 

Illinova Corp 

Integrys Energy Group 

Long Island Lighting Company, LILCO 

Middle South Utilities

Montana Power 

New Century Energies 

Pacific Power and Light 

Savannah Electric and Power 

Union Electric Light and Power 

Western Resources 


They're gone now. Though memories of them remain.