Alliance to Save Energy's EE Global Conference


Picture Energy: May 8-9

Fortnightly Magazine - June 2017

The conference featured many of the stars in energy efficiency. In the lower right, for example, is the Alliance's president Kateri Callahan with Senator Jeanne Shaheen. In the upper right is former Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers with World Resources Institute CEO Andrew Steer. At the middle right are Clay Nesler of Johnson Controls, at the table, and below, Andrea Vullo and Maryrose Sylvester of Current Powered by GE.


At the top, this panel included Ammi Amarnath of EPRI, Dan Turton of GM, Thomas Ashley of Greenlots, Roland Hwang of NRDC, Bruce Edelston of Southern Company. At the right, this panel included Melissa Lavinson of PG&E, Ronald Vogelwede of Whirlpool, Scott Kessler of LO3 Energy, Rick Tempchin of EEI, Alexander Sauer of Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production. In the bottom left, Gil Quiniones of NYPA, Her Highness Princess Lalla Joumala Aalaoui of Morocco, Clint Vince of Dentons, Kateri Callahan of the Alliance.