Videos: Ricardo DaSilva, VP, Strategic Operations, NYPA


2020 Strategic Refresh

PUF 2.0 - October 15, 2017

The New York Power Authority is the largest state power organization in the United States, with 16 generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines. NYPA management envisions 50% of the electricity supply coming from renewable energy by 2030, and they want to reduce greenhouse gases 40% by 2030, among other targets. These goals, originally set forth in 2014, are being updated in their 2020 Strategic Refresh.

Ricardo DaSilva, VP, Strategic Operations, NYPA, explains the role of ISOC, the Integrated Smart Operations Center, in 2020 Strategic Refresh.

“Our ISOC brings together several different functions, different roles into one common space. We have our monitoring diagnostic capabilities where we’re tracking the asset health of our generation transmission assets… We have a holistic and complete view from generation to transmission to our customer. From source to load.”

“We are inviting people throughout the organization, as well as external parties, to come in and work in this space. We’re creating this as a digital hub, a digital foundry, to create this innovative thinking. One of the key features of this floor is going to be an innovation area which will have open spaces, informal spaces, where workers, internal, external parties, could come together on an informal basis and work at these consoles, these tables.”

DaSilva describes AGILE, the Advanced Grid Innovation Lab for Energy, “that allows us to model the New York state system grid as a whole.”

“We need to be prepared for any series of events. I think that’s what NYPA is rolling out from a technology perspective, from an asset management perspective. It is preparing us for the future.”

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