Fortnightly Magazine - November 2017

Innovation at AEP

Leadership Lyceum Podcast

Utilities are focused on making sure that not only is there bidirectional flow of power and energy but also bidirectional flow of data.

Innovation at NYPA

Existing Solely for the Public's Benefit

From the old grid – big power plants, transmission, distribution, and customers, a one-way flow – to a more integrated bi-directional grid.

Culture for Innovation

Utility of the Future is a Journey, not a Destination

Empowering people below the CEO level that have ideas, and showing the organization what they’re doing is important.

Banking in the Public Interest

Former PUC Chair Still Serving

There are numerous benefits in using local banks. I found that it’s a win-win, not only for the local banks, but also for utilities.

Renewable Energy Development

Era of the Paris Agreement

As renewables have become cheaper, it is now economical for developing nations to opt for clean power over fossil fuel generation.

Picture Energy: EBA's Mid-Year Energy Forum

Energy Bar Association, Oct. 16-17, 2017

PUF Editor-at-Large Pat McMurray attended this annual event, held this year on October 16-17 in Washington DC. The agenda was packed as usual, for this gathering at the Renaissance Hotel, with outstanding speakers on the most pressing energy issues and the role of the industry's legal community. EBA president Robert Weishaar, of McNees, Wallace & Nurick LLC, opened the conference.