Picture Energy: NARUC Winter Meeting, February 11 - 14

Fortnightly Magazine - March 2018

FERC Chair Kevin McIntyre detailed the Commission's direction on grid resilience, pipeline permitting, PURPA reform and more. Ralph Cavanagh of NRDC battled Phil Moeller of EEI, rhetorically, in an epic fight billed as another Rumble in the Jungle. But before referee Travis Kavulla of the Montana commission separated the heavyweights, Cavanagh and Moeller agreed to collaborate to accelerate the clean energy transition. Keynoter Michael Webber explained and entertained on the water-energy nexus. He'll never be admitted to the Slow Talkers of America (Bob and Ray's mythical club).

NARUC President John Betkoski and staff ran another memorable summit packed with substantive sessions on everything from solar to resilience to grid security to electrification to desalination to pipeline safety to spectrum to, basically all the big issues in utility regulation and policy. Joe, Patricia, Alexandra and I, from the Public Utilities Fortnightly team, fanned out.

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