Fortnightly Magazine - August 2018

Four Thought-Leaders: Jim Laurito

EVP – Business Development, Fortis

“There is investment opportunity as far as the eye can see. We don't buy the theory of the death spiral or the demise of the utility.”

NASUCA Takes a Serious Look at Serious Illness Protection

Utility Service Termination

At its recent Mid-Year Meeting in Minneapolis, NASUCA adopted Resolution 2018-03, "Urging Adoption of Protections Against Termination of Utility Service for Low-income, Senior, and Other At-Risk Households in Which a Seriously or Chronically Ill or Disabled Person Resides." NASUCA has good reason to focus on the needs of these households.

Electrification 'Programs'

Time to Change the Game?

Handling electrification proposals as an extension of core utility investments and operations could eliminate hurdles and accelerate growth.

Future of Nuclear is Here

Combined modules produce up to 720 mw of power.

NuScale is the only small module reactor vendor having their design certification application reviewed by the NRC, not only in the U.S., but in the world.

National Conference on Electricity Policy's Annual Meeting in Denver

Focus on DERs

At the National Council on Electricity Policy's annual meeting, a diverse group of more than seventy participants from around the country heard examples of planning, operations, and market developments underway and needed for integrating higher levels of distributed energy resources on the distribution grid, and their impacts and intersection points on the transmission network.

Linking Innovation with Strategy

Forging Effective Alignment

Strategy can create differentiation in the market depending on its focus and inventiveness. But it requires creative inputs to frame that uniqueness, and innovation is fundamental.