Our Judges' Take


Selecting top innovators

Fortnightly Magazine - November 11, 2018

Thirty-seven companies. Seventy-one qualifying nominations of an individual or a team. A hundred and sixty-eight innovators in all that came before our three-judge panel. Figuratively. No one actually came before us physically, though there was a lot of lobbying for a few of the nominees. What were we to do? The three judges - PwC's Tom Flaherty, PDV's Morgan O'Brien and Public Utilities Fortnightly's Steve Mitnick — were faced with a dilemma. Too many damn good nominations to choose one or two or three "winners." After some hot discussions during which we almost came to blows — just kidding — we settled on a dozen Fortnightly Top Innovators 2018. Though there are so many more we celebrate in this special issue of PUF on innovation.


Here's the take of each of the three judges: