Profiles in Innovation


Hearing their Voices

Fortnightly Magazine - November 11, 2018
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We felt like we needed to hear their voices. To listen hard to how hard it was to break through the barriers and bring our industry to new plateaus of service to the public. To try to learn what is this mysterious mix of gumption and guile that guides the way to the most exciting innovations in the electric, natural gas and water utility industries as we near the one-fifth mark of this century. So, listen we did, to innovators from New York to Hawaii, and in between, from Allentown to Louisville to Springfield MO to Minneapolis, to St. Louis.

And we asked, will the public see what you accomplished? The answer always came back as yes but as more reliable and affordable, and safer and cleaner, utility service. The public shall not know their names as they shall know the fruits of their hard work. Though readers of Public Utilities Fortnightly know their names. Here's what a few great innovators had to say to you. 


Profiles in Innovation:

  • Richard Barone, Director - Demand Response, Hawaiian Electric Utilities
  • Howard Gugel, Senior Director - Engineering and Standards, NERC
  • Nick Jewell, Senior Research Engineer - LG&E and KU
  • Kent Larson, President - Group Operations and Executive VP, Xcel Energy
  • Yi Li, Senior Engineer - Distribution Operation, PPL Electric Utilities
  • Mychal Kistler, Relay and Protection Technician, PPL Electric Utilities
  • Brent McKinney, Director - Electric Transmission and Distribution, City Utilities of Springfield
  • Saul Rojas, VP - Technical Compliance, New York Power Authority
  • Guy Sliker, Director - Energy Services Product Development, New York Power Authority
  • Ben Stanford, Senior Director - Water Intelligence, Technology and Innovation, American Water
  • Gary Stockbridge, Region President - Atlantic City Electric and Delmarva Power
  • Mike Poncia, Vice President - Customer Operations, Pepco Holdings
  • Tracy Orledge, Business Analyst, Pepco Holdings