Fortnightly Magazine - July 2020

Resilience is Their Middle Name

Saluting Our Heroes of Heroes

The utility workforce – their tasks complicated by exposure to the sickness and initially, shortage of protective supplies – is out there once again, for us.

Utility Workforce: Jerry Bellah

IBEW VP, Eighth District

Being a lineman in the field, you’re one of the more valuable people in the economy in the U.S., as they are considered an essential occupation and stayed working during the lockdown.

Utility Workforce: Kris Anderson

IBEW Third District Representative

On Christmas Eve there was a big outage and we got the wires hung, we closed the fuse in and saw all the Christmas lights pop on. I know it meant a lot to those folks.

Utility Workforce: Rich Meisinger

Business Manager, IBEW Local 111

Half of the control room operators had been exposed to COVID at one of their power plants. We only have four, so there were two left. For two weeks, those two lived at the plant, so it had 24-hour coverage.