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Mainstream Masks

Fortnightly Magazine - September 2020

We're all wearing masks and it's not Halloween. It's for our health but some of us have gone beyond basic protection and are styling. Think colorful, or hobbies, or message sending, or sports teams, you name it, masks have gone mainstream. Masks are everywhere, so we may as well try and give them some flavor. There are different kinds too, from the tied behind the ear, to the bandana style, to the neck gaiter, and more. PUF is sharing a few here, something we never dreamed we would be doing a short time ago.

Left: New York PSC Commissioner Diane Burman, masked, donating blood. Middle top: Washington UTC Chair David Danner, masked, at work in his office. Middle bottom: WPPI’s Jake Oelke with a mask message for all of us. Top right: BRG’s Peter Keller in a colorful zebra mask. Bottom right: Alabama Power’s Elizabeth Brown with a Disney themed mask.



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PUF Staff top: Joe Paparello, Lori Burkhart, Steve Mitnick, Kevaghn Hinckley. Bottom: Mike Eacott, Alex Revel, Angela Hawkinson.









Download Free Copy of Lewis Latimer Book