Fortnightly Magazine - November 2020

USEA Advanced Energy Technology Forum

Meaningful Moments

“We have to clean electricity. There will be more coal to gas. There will be more renewables, but we need to make sure the largest source of clean energy, nuclear, stays online.”

Rethinking Resiliency

2020’s Lessons on Grid Hardening

The new normal of COVID-19 and pandemic-related health requirements has coincided with the new reality of increasing severe weather events and fires.

Demand Charges?

What are They Good For?

Modern electric system capabilities are rendering demand charges obsolete, with a few narrow exceptions.

EPRI's Smart Homes Event, Charlotte

October 13

The purpose is to demonstrate capacity of grid-interactive efficient buildings to improve energy intensity of homes and businesses, and to validate buildings’ potential to provide flexibility and resilience to the energy system as a whole.