A Day at the British Columbia Utilities Commission, Metaphorically


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Fortnightly Magazine - January 2021

Ah Vancouver. Home of the British Columbia Utilities Commission, gorgeous scenery, and fabulous seafood. We all know why the PUF team didn’t travel there to meet the amazing Commissioners and Staff, who warmly welcomed us virtually. Our neighbors to the north are important, as electricity doesn’t stop at borders, just ask NERC.

Much important work in the public interest is taking place in British Columbia. When Deputy Chair Anna Fung did the math, she was astonished the proceedings had more than doubled in 2020. Blessed with environmentally friendly hydropower that also crosses Canada’s southern border, the Commission regulates some auto insurance, a new Fuel Price Transparency Act requiring the gasoline and diesel industries to report price information, and has been investigating and reporting on Indigenous utilities regulation, all on top of usual and required regulatory work.

The Commission is mostly still working from home, and under Chair and CEO Dave Morton, now under a matrix work environment. In fact, under his leadership, the BCUC may have cracked the code for a happy and healthy workplace. All voices spoke clearly as to why they are thriving at the Commission so there will be no workforce shortage, which may be news to some struggling to fill regulatory positions. Listen in on how to create such a flourishing workplace.

British Columbia Utilities Commission conversations:

Lead image: © Can Stock Photo / vadimlavrov