Women Leading Today


Women’s History Month

Fortnightly Magazine - March 2021

It's appropriate as PUF celebrates Women's History Month that PUF talked with a couple of women in power. The good news is that such women are becoming easier to find, as evidenced by a recent series of conversations lately with women CEOs. PUF hopes to see that trend continue as we bring you insight into how these women moved to the top in the utilities and energy industry.

Their stories are unique and personal, as is what motivates them. In this issue, we are fortunate to spend time with the CEO of IDACORP, Lisa Grow, and the COO of American Electric Power, Lisa Barton. Their narratives are inspiring. The paths they took that led them to historic positions at our nation's utilities will inspire young people as they look for their future positions in an industry that is experiencing extraordinary change. Listen in.

Women Leading Today conversations: