Electrification 2021: Frontiers of e-Mobility



Fortnightly Magazine - July 2021
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EPRI's Electrification Virtual Forum Series was an epic gathering held in May and June on the decarbonization that is here and coming, with two-week breaks in-between, giving time to digest the massive amounts of information. The PUF team was there and brings you the first two of these events.

Frontiers of e-Mobility featured comprehensive collaboration and informative exchanges to enable progress on efficient, equitable, electric transportation solutions. An earlier event, Building to Net Zero, addressed decarbonization, affordability, and productivity with ambitious, equitable, and community-centered solutions.

The PUF team will bring you more in August with A Net-Zero Energy System for All, including scaling the grid for an electrified economy and solving the most difficult decarbonization challenges, with unprecedented resiliency for everyone.

Frontiers of e-Mobility sessions: