Fortnightly Magazine - September 2021

September 4, 1882

Lewis Latimer

A short story on the birth of the electric utilities industry, from the viewpoint of Lewis Latimer, who turned 34 that day.

PUF Latimer Scholars Trevor Melton and Jordana Greaux-Gist


A conversation with two of the six talented high school seniors won PUF Latimer Scholarships, formed in collaboration with AABE and funded by the corporate supporters of Steve Mitnick’s book “Lewis Latimer, the First Hidden Figure,” CPS Energy, Dentons, Energy Impact Partners, FirstEnergy Corp., Guidehouse and Xcel Energy.

Old Insurance Policies Could Be Worth Their Weight in Gold, Part 1

Environmental Contamination

State environmental agencies continue to discover long-hidden contamination around the country. Contamination may turn up after dredging activities, ground water sampling or new building projects on redeveloped sites. When these discoveries are made, those agencies begin the process of finding the source of pollution, which may require historical research on old uses of the surrounding properties.