Edison Illuminating Companies' Annual Meeting


Picture Energy

Fortnightly Magazine - December 2021

Thomas Edison himself established the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies in 1885, only three years after his Pearl Street Station started generating power for eighty-two customers in lower Manhattan. One hundred and thirty-six years later, a few weeks ago, this November specifically, AEIC brought together again the top operations and engineering leaders of the electric industry to exchange ideas on how to further advance the industry's cost efficiency, reliability, safety, and sustainability. Menlo Park's Wizard would have been proud.

Typical for an AEIC gathering, there was at least as much focus on the committee meetings as on the general sessions. It's in the committees, that's where the industry leaders really drill down on their most pressing issues. The Power Generation Committee met in the early morning of the event's second day, as did the Customer Service Committee, Cable Engineering Committee, and Distributed Energy Resources Subcommittee. Then, later in the morning, the Data Analytics Council met, as did the Power Delivery Storm Team Subcommittee, Load Research and Analytics Committee, and Meter and Service Committee.

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