New Cybersecurity Collective: Profiling Some of its Super-Tech Companies



Fortnightly Magazine - February 2022
EEI Annual Meeting 2024 - June 18-20

Communication is a critical piece of the modern grid as technology changes, renewable energy queues up, and innovation results in millions of sensors placed seemingly everywhere. That all requires an astronomical level of cybersecurity never before experienced by the energy and utilities industry.

Enter Anterix, the largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 megahertz band allowing utilities to secure their communications separate from the internet. Harkening back to May 2020 when the FCC made a key segment of spectrum available for electric utilities to use for broadband data platforms to support the modern electric grid, those private network users now will benefit from an Anterix cybersecurity collective. 

Anterix formed the collective by bringing together a team of cyber-physical solutions providers for collaboration to drive security around scads of connected equipment with deployment of 900 megahertz spectrum based private LTE. PUF talks here with members of the collective, Qubitekk's Corey McClelland and Scott Packard, Onclave Network's Scott Martin, and Sierra Nevada's Pete Fischer, to dig into these essential services. 

Cybersecurity Collective Super-Tech Company Profiles: