Fortnightly Magazine - February 2023

NARUC's Winter Summit

The More Things Change

There’s less than two weeks to go before we’ll be getting together again in D.C. in mid-February. As usual it will be a lot warmer inside the Renaissance Hotel than outside of it, at NARUC’s 2023 Winter Meeting; formally the Winter Policy Summit.

From Both Sides Now: Bob Rowe Retiring

NorthWestern Energy

“Dealing with supply restructuring was challenge enough, but as Montana Power transitioned into being a telco, which ended up in a liquidation bankruptcy, NorthWestern Public Service came in, committed to the utility operation, and acquired the distribution system.”

EPRI is Climate READi


“Climate READi could inform generation siting decisions that the state might make. It also will inform the kind of upgrades and improvements that are going to be required of generating facilities if you take into consideration the long-term effects of climate change.”

Empire State Leading

Enacting CLCPA Equitably

Enacting the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act equitably: “Integrating equitable outcomes as a central driver of our efforts was a conscious choice borne from a recognition that many past actions to develop energy infrastructure in use today didn’t prioritize equity and the resulting environmental impacts on communities.”

The Latest on Gas System Resiliency

American Gas Association

“We don’t necessarily have the regulatory mechanisms in place that allow the regulators to be able to evaluate assets that are designed for those low-frequency but high-impact events.”