“After a decade of explosive growth in the residential solar photovoltaic (PV) market, in 2017 California saw its first decrease in annual residential solar installations. This paper suggests that the most probable cause of this downturn is the beginning of market saturation in the residential retrofit market (as differentiated from the new construction market).

Navigating the Energy Transformation: Building a Competitive Advantage for Energy Cloud 2.0.

This Navigant webinar will explore key megatrends driving change across the global utilities industry and market shifts toward a cleaner, more distributed, and increasingly intelligent grid. Drawing on a panel of industry stakeholders, Jan Vrins, the Global Practice Leader for Energy at Navigant and Mackinnon Lawrence senior research director at Navigant, will explore how the Energy Cloud will affect utility customers, technology trends, business models, regulations, and operations.

Beneficial Electrification Case Study

In today’s energy market, many utilities are experiencing flat or declining electricity sales resulting from efficiency programs, adoption of distributed energy resources, and other economic factors. These utilities face the dual challenge of increasing revenue while also implementing programs that benefit the industry and the community with cleaner technologies that can reduce air pollution and provide a positive overall environmental impact.

State and Future of the Power Industry

Editor-in-Chief Steve Mitnick conducted a roundtable interview with Navigant’s leading industry experts focusing on topics like renewables, distributed energy resources (DER), and how the Energy Cloud is transforming the industry and becoming a priority for C-level utility executives. Jan Vrins, Karin Corfee, Rob Wilhite, David O’Brien, Jay Paidipati, Mackinnon Lawrence, and Colette Lamontagne highlighted key changes utilities can expect in the future a