American Gas Association


Has the electric industry got lawmakers in its back pocket, or are charges of bias just smoke?


Northeast Energy Markets: Windfall or Washout?

Weighing the outlook for new plant investment in gas-fired power and related infrastructure.

The jury is still out on the type and size of additional energy infrastructure desirable in the Northeast United States, but enough data is in to make a few guarded observations.

The situation is fluid.


With encryption of name and address - but disclosure of usage and billing - customers can have their cake and eat it too.

How to assure consumer privacy in energy deregulation has utilities, energy marketers and regulators in a dither.

With a deregulating market, utilities must share their consumer data with energy marketers in their territories. The more information energy marketers have about consumers, the better the products, prices and payment plans they can offer. This information, however, may include sensitive details about a consumer's finances and habits.


The Natural Gas Supply Association promoted John H. Sharp and Philip M. Budzik. Sharp, the association's chief lobbyist and counsel since 1988, became vice president, federal and state government affairs, and counsel. Budzik, previously director of research and analysis, was named vice president, federal regulatory affairs and technical analysis.

Bob Wentland joined Coherence Technology Company Inc. as research geophysicist. Wentland also is the manager of product development for CoherentVision(. Wentland's career includes 16 years with Shell Oil Co.