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OSI Supplies Volt/VAR Control Systems to North Carolina Electric Memberships

Open Systems International (OSI) was selected by three members of the North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation (NCEMC) to implement a new Volt/VAR control (VVC) system for each member including: Union Power Cooperative, Randolph EMC and Cape Hatteras EMC. These new VVC systems are based on the OSI Spectra Advanced Distribution Management System platform and fully integrate with their existing OSI monarch SCADA systems.

Big Data, Big Change

Analytics chart a path for industry transformation.

“Without integrating operational data with traditional IT data, I don’t think the industry would be any further along than it was five or 10 years ago.” ~Steve Ehrlich, Space Time Insight

March of the Microgrids

Technology is changing the game. Is your utility ready?

Although today microgrids serve a tiny fraction of the market, that share will grow as costs fall. Utilities can benefit if they plan ahead.