First Look at 2015 CO2 Emission Trends for the U.S.

Part 2 – Electric Power Sector

Shifts in the generation mix in recent years have had an enormous impact on carbon dioxide emissions. For 2015, the carbon intensity of total generation was more than 20 percent lower than in 2005, accounting for 476 million metric tons in reductions. The dramatic decline is our focus here in Part 2.

Securing the Smart Grid

Questions and answers on consumer privacy and threats to the grid – both physical and cyber.

The economic argument for investments in the smart grid is clear: the payback from those technologies in the U.S. is likely three to six times greater than the money invested, and grows with each sequence of grid improvement.

All You Need to Know

Picturing utilities in a series of sobering snapshots.

Utilities are growing rate base despite static or declining demand: making customers pay more for a product they want less of.

Profit and the New Normal

Delivering value in a zero-growth market.

Disruptive technologies and resource shifts are changing the utility business model. Market factors are driving companies toward four possible paths.