OSI Supplies Volt/VAR Control Systems to North Carolina Electric Memberships

Open Systems International (OSI) was selected by three members of the North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation (NCEMC) to implement a new Volt/VAR control (VVC) system for each member including: Union Power Cooperative, Randolph EMC and Cape Hatteras EMC. These new VVC systems are based on the OSI Spectra Advanced Distribution Management System platform and fully integrate with their existing OSI monarch SCADA systems.

Itron Total Grid Now Connected with Milsoft's Outage Management System

Itron and Milsoft integrated Itron’s smart grid and AMI software and Milsoft’s outage management system (OMS). This collaboration enhances Itron Total Grid, a combined managed services and smart grid offering, and expands capabilities for the public power sector. The integrated systems enable Milsoft’s OMS to request data from all AMI meters from Itron’s multi-commodity systems. Furthermore, Milsoft OMS, through MultiSpeak, can determine the communication status of Itron’s meters.