So, You Want to be a Retail Energy Marketer?

Retail energy markets entail a unique set of risk management challenges.

As the march of retail competition, although slower, continues to move on the country, energy companies are finding they must be much more agile at managing the risks. A discussion of what energy suppliers ought to know.

Onward, Kyoto!

With a nascent emissions market, U.S. companies may not be so grateful they’re out of the club.

Domestic energy companies may have breathed a sigh of relief last March when the United States pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol. Gone was the specter of expensive compliance with emissions reduction targets set by the treaty. So long as they don't care about expanding globally or entering emerging emissions trading markets, they probably have a reason to think they've dodged the emissions bullet.

Gas Marketers: Oblivious to All the Fuss

New mega-marketers, niche players emphasize opportunity.

Even when the calendar flipped to 2001 and much of the energy industry was swept into the turmoil surrounding the California electric industry restructuring fiasco, gas marketers continued to thrive in the low-supply, high-demand environment.

The Car of His Dreams

Amory Lovins says gas prices won't stick, but even if they do, he's still stuck on his Hypercar.


Amory Lovins says gas prices won't stick, but even if they do, he's still stuck on his Hypercar.

This just in—if you can believe Amory Lovins, who has the news posted on the network of Web sites sponsored by his Rocky Mountain Institute.

e-Commerce Collusion? The Trustbusters Take Aim

Privacy Concerns: Can Gaming Be Prevented?


The Federal Trade Commission likely will regulate those business-to-business Web portals, but how much?

Electric utility executives may be a step behind the Internet revolution, but in one key respect they may have an advantage over anyone else building an e-commerce Web portal for business-to-business (B2B) procurement.

Utility executives don't fear government regulation. They're already caught in the net.