April 10, 2040 Issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly

In the year 2525, if man is still alive. If woman can survive, they may find…

Ok, not that far out in time. We can’t guarantee they’ll still be a Public Utilities Fortnightly in 2525, five hundred and six years from now. Let’s try 2040, twenty-one years into the future.

I’ll be, ugh, eighty-eight. Will I still have fresh ideas for this daily column?

Seriously, the PUF team created some covers for the April 10, 2040 issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly. Never hurts to be ahead of the curve.

For the cover articles, someone suggested, U.K. Still Debating Brexit. But it should be on utility regulation and policy, right? 

Someone else suggested, States Race to 200% Renewable Portfolio Standard. And also, FERC Continues Search for Capacity Market Design. And, Telepathy-Controlled Demand Response Debuts.

Notably, it’s the April 10, 2040 cover. Implying that Public Utilities Fortnightly will be returning to publishing fortnightly — every fourteen days — from the monthly cycle we adopted in 2006. 

How many people in 2040 will even know what a fortnightly is? An online video game we played obsessively in the late twenty-teens?

Six possible cover drawings imagine the smart city of 2040. Everything’s electrified. Traffic of many modes moves smoothly while pedestrians comfortably work and play. 

How is that any different from today’s midtown Manhattan? Or Orbit City of 1962?