Evolving the Grid Mid-Summer in DC

DC PSC RFP Technical Consultant for Formal Case (FC) No. 1156

Soon it’ll be mid-summer. If you make your way to warm Washington D.C. in the last days of July, you could bump into some of the leading thinkers on the electric industry’s future. David Eves, group president for utilities, Xcel Energy, will be in town as will Mary Kipp, CEO, El Paso Electric, Arlen Orchard, CEO, SMUD, Commissioner Jennie Potter from Hawaii and Commissioner Chair Willie Phillips of D.C., Mark Webb, chief innovation officer, Dominion Energy, Cris Eugster, COO, CPS Energy.

Or you could bump into all of them and a score more leading thinkers at the Grid Evolution Summit that the Smart Electric Power Alliance hosts every summer. Taking on questions such as, how should we smarten communities, accelerate decarbonization, electrify transportation, integrate distributed power, better serve customers.

I’ve attended Grid Evolution the last three summers. The talk is always stimulating, the technology on display always fascinating, the tone always engaging and even fun at times.

Want in? Check out sepapower.org. And, if you do go to this unique event, make sure to say hi. The PUF team will be there too.