Excerpt from Feb PUF 2.0 – Electrification 2018

Mike Howard, EPRI’s CEO, on the Electrification Revolution:

“It takes a big tent to hold all the technologies, markets, regulatory and policy initiatives. Electrification’s Big Tent ultimately belongs to the customers and their needs and those who best serve those needs. We already see the tent growing to accommodate farmers, drivers, industrialists and more.

Today, EPRI is asking everyone to consider if we can achieve the progress we envision by aligning electrification’s many points of view in pursuing both particular and common objectives.

Can concerted action equip us to understand more quickly how electrification can meet customers’ particular needs and improve efficiency, lower costs, and sustainably serve the world’s ever-growing energy appetite? Through our Efficient Electrification Initiative, EPRI is investigating this and similar questions.

In Long Beach, California, this coming August we’re hosting the Electrification 2018 International Conference & Exposition as a pivotal part of the initiative. It offers the chance to come inside that Big Tent, and explore the relevant and innovative points of view.

Imagine, in a brief time, and in a single venue, being able to learn about a wide range of electrification technologies and applications. From cargo handling, to zero-net-energy neighborhoods, to indoor farming, to the new wave of efficient heat pumps that work in cold climates.

Many different grid operation angles will be covered, such as optimizing the grid for charging electric vehicles. That’s a complex but welcome opportunity, as we produce electricity more cleanly and serve millions more miles with zero tailpipe emissions.”

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