Excerpt, Maine PUC Commissioner Randall Davis

January’s Public Utilities Fortnightly includes 27 pages on our visit to the Maine PUC, including this excerpt by PUC Commissioner Randall Davis:

“The fun part is the variety of cases that come to my attention and learning the power of the pen. Some decisions are very clear cut and I can focus on the new learning as there is almost nothing I have seen twice in my first year. Other cases are at the opposite extreme and make me smile as I learn how many sides there can be to a coin.

“I cannot count the number of times I have read a case written from a lawyer on Side A making an argument in support of an issue. The logic and references convince me hook, line and sinker that Side A is the right answer. Then I read the same case as argued by a lawyer from Side B and find how careful wording and different references can open my eyes to how a very different conclusion could in fact be right.

“And some cases have a lawyer from Side C! These talented people are doing their jobs well and I find it stimulating and engaging to see the different explanations. It’s very different from what I was doing for thirty-nine years, and I often wish there was more time to dig deeper.”

Read the complete interview here.