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My absolute favorite part of each year’s National Conference of the American Public Power Association is the general session when they give out the individual and utility excellence awards. This year, the awards session will fall on June 9, during the 2020 National Conference in Long Beach, California.

June 9 is a great day for APPA to do this. It’s actually when solar power got its start. On June 9, 1905, Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize-winning breakthrough on the photoelectric effect was published in Annalen der Physik.   

APPA will give out two utility awards and eight individual awards. If you want to nominate outstanding utilities and individuals for these, you gotta get a move on. Check out for details.

One of the utility awards incidentally is named after Sue Kelly, the just-retired CEO of APPA. Have you seen our January issue that was distributed this week? If you have, then you know Sue is the second person ever to receive Public Utilities Fortnightly’s highest honor, the Owen Young Award.